Expats/Cross-border Individuals

Maintaining a financial plan across borders adds exponential layers of complexity and requires an experienced financial advisor to help navigate these “international waters.”

Assisting Expats and Cross-Border Individuals is one of our core services.  We help clients determine the best strategy to maximize their assets and minimize the tax implications across multiple countries.

As an expat himself, Oliver Ernst, CFP®, CSRIC™ understands the specific issues and complexities of investment management and financial planning in that scenario, and maintains many connections overseas.

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Through Oliver Ernst's leadership and experts in the field, we evaluate:

  • How to coordinate investments and retirement assets left in your home country with the wealth you’re building abroad including consulting on the use of both U.S. and international pensions
  • Whether you are able to continue investing in the United States based upon cross-country partnerships and your unique employment situations.
  • How to remain compliant with U.S. tax laws, including FATCA, FBAR and PFIC rules.
  • Whether it is better to invest within your new country’s retirement system or maintain your current accounts.
  • How best to restructure your investments to minimize your tax exposure depending on the country of residency.
  • The impacts of education savings and charitable giving in both the U.S. and other countries.
  • The impact that your country of emigration has on your existing retirement plans.
  • Ways to structure your portfolio to accommodate your currency exposure given the country of residence.
  • Guidance in estate planning that incorporates the economies and legal systems of both countries.

While some advisors only offer investments and strategies within the United States, we are able to provide comprehensive financial strategies with an international focus. Whether you are looking to expatriate from the U.S., immigrate to the U.S., or have already made the transition, Alpen Wealth Advisory Group has the experience to navigate your complex financial situation. 

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