Our Process

At Alpen Wealth Advisory Group, we have developed what we believe is a unique approach to guide our clients through every step of their financial journey. As fee-only advisors, we are dedicated to the ongoing support of our clients, and only keep their best interest in mind.

Here are the core steps of our client-centric process, which allows us to craft an ongoing partnership of trust and support:

LEARN.  Successful planning starts with building trust. As we begin our financial journey, we seek to gain a holistic understanding of your situation and goals.

PERSONALIZE.  Working from that foundation, we can create customized strategies to grow and preserve your wealth.

RESEARCH.  We explore the financial landscape to deliver comprehensive solutions for your complex financial lives.

EXECUTE.  We will work with you to implement your strategy to the fullest.

MONITOR.  Since your financial life may change over the years we will make adjustments along the way and reassess your financial strategies.

CONFER.  Meet with our advisors on a regular basis to evaluate your strategies, track your progress, and outline any additional objectives.